Half Way There! – A Reflection

06/06/2018 1 By Mark Griffiths

I am 50 today. I grew up in a Welsh mining valley and left aged 19, as did many of my friends, with little more than the clothes we wore and the life skills our parents taught us, and the lessons we learnt from each other.
But these lessons have served me well.
The journey has sometimes been hard, sometimes painful, sometimes dark.  Life sometimes knocked me down, but my father taught me that you always get back up. So I did.
There were times when I was rejected, turned away, people told lies about me, but my mother taught me that no matter what, I am loved, and I believed her (miss you mam).
I have been hurt, but I kept my spirit sweet and my heart free of baggage, and I have trusted and some of those I trusted have let me down, even betrayed me.
But I forgave and keep on forgiving and keep on trusting. Continuing to believe that all people are essentially good, if allowed to be. These are the things I learnt from Jesus.
I haven’t journeyed alone. I have the most wonderful wife Rhian who has always been there for me. And three gorgeous children, Nia, Owen and Elliot, all with unique personalities and temperaments, all followers of Jesus, and all such wonderful fun to be with. They will do extraordinary things, far beyond what I have achieved.
I have friends across the planet and understand how small our world is. And I have a sister and aunties and uncles and cousins who always cheer me on and have allowed me to belong even when things go wrong (my aunty Beryl was the best at this and I miss her).
There are plenty of successes.  I am an Anglican Priest, I have a PhD, eight published books and a succession of great jobs that have led me to my current job. I love what I do, and I get to do it surrounded by extraordinary people.
I have spoken all over the world and did a bungee jump last year off a New Zealand bridge … without dying! Although Rhian was quick to point out that our insurance policy doesn’t cover jumping off bridges in any country.
And I’ll will always go out of my way to see the perfect sunset and the mischievous child will always make me smile.
And I continue to believe the world has two types of people, those who dance and those who wish they did…and I will always dance.
And the joy of the Lord will always be my strength and I will be joyful.
And life will always be for living.
I am 50 today. My energy levels are high. My enthusiasm is undiminished. There are still mountains to climb. Giants to slay. Injustices to right. Things to do…
HALF WAY THERE! Possibly an interim update in 25 years ?.